8 Best AI-powered tools to power up your LinkedIn profile

8 best ai tools to power up your linkedin

A well developed and managed Linkedin profile becomes sure shot game changer for people looking to build on their career goals and grow on their work path.

Several elements go in place to create a compelling Linkedin profile that can help you achieve your targeted objectives. Your profile is a calling card for your potential customers, recruiters and business associates, who will look at your profile to know about you and your business online before reaching out to connect and contact you.

Make sure to spend time in developing your profile using the help of the right tools to create a powered packed impact on the viewer. The advancement of technology and excessive availability of Artificial Intelligence-powered software or apps further can assist you to enhance your professional brand presence on social media platforms, use it to expand your network and communicate aptly with your contacts.

Here are few tools that will aid you to build a commanding presence with your professional social networks, raise engagement and thereby, optimize your LinkedIn profile visibility. 


Service: Photo testing tool

What it does: A photograph is one of the first things observed when someone sees your profile on social media platforms. Therefore, a proper selection of profile picture on professional business sites like LinkedIn undoubtedly makes you a winner. It lets you introduce yourself to others in a competent manner before any communication is exchanged.

Photofeeler helps you decide on a picture to use, suggesting you a suitable photo for a profile on LinkedIn and even for other social media channels.

How it works: The app gives you scores and feedback on your photo, based on the voting of the other Photofeeler users that you have chosen as your voter demographic and audiences.

You will need to upload a photo and set a voter’s parameters, demographic, etc. The images receive votes. Then they are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 within three metrics, depending on your requirement. For business, the ranking goes as likeable, competent, and influential; for dating, it is attractiveness, trustworthy and smart; for social, it is authentic, fun, and confident.


Service: Erases background from an image

What it does: Remove.bg is a great tool that enables you to conveniently remove the background of an image without the need for any significant editing software. This platform let’s use your preferred photograph, assisting in removing or replacing its background to make it suitable for chosen social media platform like creating a professional background look for the LinkedIn profile.

How it works: The app uses smart AI technology that works on pictures to clear out the subject from background automatically. So, you can cut off the holiday background replace that with a plain coloured background to make the photo suitable for a professional portal.

Remove.bg cleverly extracts the subject from the background within few seconds using its background removal algorithm. This means the user doesn’t have to select the background/foreground layers for splitting them manually. Add your photo, reposition, delete, or modify the background image effortless as per your needs. It’s all that easy.

Resume worded

Service: Resume Reviews

What it does: Resume Worded is a great tool to help to create a striking job profile with right words, style and tone. The platform provides intelligent insights and feedback on your resume with appropriate solutions for improvements, enabling you to increase your profile’s visibility.

It evaluates the resume, includes analysis and tailored solutions, assisting you in optimizing your LinkedIn profile effectively. This will support in raising your rank higher on LinkedIn, get more interview calls and attract better work opportunities.

How it works: The platform evaluates the resume line-by-line, providing the overall resume score along with in-depth suggestions improvements like recommended action verbs, metrics, and much more.

You need to upload your resume on the portal after creating your account on its portal. The resume is accessed under four main categories: Impact, Brevity, Style, and Average Bullet Score. After that, it provides critical suggestions, helping you achieve your career goals conveniently.


Service: Social media content management platform

What it does: Regular updates and engaging posts on your social channels are necessary to connect with and attract your target viewers towards your profile. However, these are usually time-consuming activities.

Therefore, Publer proofs to be a great platform to automate social media posts and enhance your profile visibility. You can collaborate, schedule, analyze and manage posts on LinkedIn (Profile or Page) and other social media platforms simultaneously; ensuring continued engagement with your audiences is maintained.

How it works: Publer can create, upload and automatically schedule bulk posts on various channels. Publer lets you customize posts up to 500 posts simultaneously across all major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business. You can also view analytics from this single app to check your performance across multiple social networks.

It’s a useful marketing tool to enhance your profile ranking with smooth handling of social media post scheduling. You can watermark images and videos, attach signatures, social links, hashtags, call-to-action-buttons, shorten URL links and much more. The app lets you auto-schedule and bulk schedule posts via CSV file or multi-media uploader and preview post from this single medium for various multiple channels. Overall, you can ease all the chaos of social media posting with this platform, consolidate and manage organic content posting.


Service: Contact management and lead generation

What it does: Building a strong Linkedin network is a perfect way to connect with people and grow on the potential lead contacts. However, not all people you what to interact with may become your first contact. Here, Snov.io supports you in their email searches, helping you connect with them and convert these leads in to clients effectively.

For those with a strong network of sales leads on LinkedIn, this tool assists in getting 2nd and 3rd connections, contact details on LinkedIn quickly, making it a useful tool for marketers and sales representatives.

How it works: Snov.io enhances your CRM activities, verifies contacts, tracks the lead’s progress, and automates outreach. This Chrome extension works well on any website to the tracklist of their employees along with their roles, emails and other details without limiting the number of searches. It supports you to connect and network with the right people. It also saves time in finding the proper contact person in any organization.

Simply create an account on its portal, install the Email Finder extension. This extension automatically integrates with your Snov.io account. You can perform the search to find emails on LinkedIn by adding the search parameters, select 2nd and 3rd connections, locations and then activate the email finder extension on the toolbar. Then set up the search limit after you click find emails and save button to prevent your LinkedIn account from being blocked.


Service: Email Marketing Software

What it does: You have a good database of email contacts that you want to regularly interact with, updating them about your goods and services. Or you want to maintain communication with prospect customers and build a relationship with your clients. Email marketing is a popular way for discussion, but sending personalized emails to a large number of people can be a cumbersome task.

Here, Automizy email marketing tools can help. It lets you personalize emails to convert leads into sales in a convenient manner, assuring you email open rates to rise to 34 per cent.

How it works: Automizy uses Artificial Intelligence that supports in marketing automation. It optimizes your drip campaign emails for higher conversion rates, helps in the personalization of emails and its analytics. There is a drag and drop editor to design emails and subject line tester that predicts subject lines performance scores using AI.

Visual automation builder and automatic resend features, lets you decide the flow of emails depending on actions needed to optimize the open rates of your email campaigns. Add advanced filters to send targeted emails, track website behaviour and check the KPIs with analytics to improve the performance and optimize on lead conversions.


Service: Communication coaching tool

What it does: Communication is successful and useful when the email or message is conveyed in a tone or manner that the recipient accepts and concurs. Therefore, tailoring your correspondence for agreement becomes an essential part of work patterns.

CrystalKnows is an excellent platform that will assist you in understanding the personality of your recipients. It uses AI technology and provides personalized coaching and assessment solutions that will support you in managing communication skills. The insight you receive will aid you on how to approach your prospect, customer, or coworker in your email or message in a most effective way.

How it works: The tool uses the behavioural framework, and gives out real-time suggestions and scores, to help you understand the writing style needed for a particular contact and make relevant change your messages. The platform is compatible with LinkedIn, allowing you to know your colleagues and clients better, like where you may agree and areas where there can be a disagreement, etc. Its helps you to draft email appropriately and structure your communication well to achieve desired results.

The tool uses Personality AI to identify behavioural patterns of your contacts. It customizes this data to provide its suggestions. The insights shared are based on your prospect or client’s personality, which assists you in creating an email message that will be best received by your client based on his profile evaluation. When you personalize and style your words following the information and recommendation you obtain from Crystal tool, it will enhance the response rates of your cold emailing. It facilitates you to communicate effectively, build stronger one-on-one relationships, and strengthen your decision-making abilities.


Service: LinkedIn analytics platform

What it does: The success of every activity needs to be measured through its performance output. Shield tracks and regulates your LinkedIn activities, to help you enhance your performance.

The platform provides comprehensive analytics that enables you to improve and develop your brand faster using appropriate quality content. The insights will aid you in creating successful content and scale up your reach to the audiences more quickly.

How it works: Shield scans your activities on LinkedIn, observes average likes, comments and hashtags on your posts – thereby helping you optimize the posts before sharing them to raise your reach and engagement with your audiences.

It provides valuable insights to enhance your main social metrics and generates real-time reports on individuals or teams to help you create a more substantial presence on LinkedIn. These insights will help you build an effective and powerful social media content strategy to increase profile visibility.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash

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[…] 8 Best AI-powered tools to power up your LinkedIn profile […]


[…] 8 Best AI-powered tools to power up your LinkedIn profile […]


[…] 8 Best AI-powered tools to power up your LinkedIn profile […]


[…] 8 Best AI-powered tools to power up your LinkedIn profile […]


[…] 8 Best AI-powered tools to power up your LinkedIn profile […]


[…]   […]


[…] 8 Best AI-powered tools to power up your LinkedIn profile […]

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