Role Of Social Media In Branding

The era of social media has opened up infinite possibilities and given new meaning to the common phrase ‘global village’. From being a passtime, social media has established itself to be an integral cog in the societal machine. For businesses, social media is undeniably advantageous. 

What organisations did 20 years ago on paper and print can now be instantaneously accomplished with lots of time and money savings. Being in the same space as the customer, businesses have never before had proximity to their customers and are in the right range to make an optimal impact. 

This opportunity is capitalised in promoting their branding initiatives, which is an excellent move to propel you towards growth. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how social media influences branding and its significance in growing branding initiatives of organisations. 

Why Is Branding A Game Changer?

Branding is the art and science of familiarising your customers with your brand’s identity, promise and offerings, so that you stay on top of their mind when they decide to buy the service or product you’re offering. Branding comprises a wide range of elements right from visual design, to brand specific lingo, content authority, online reputation management, community involvement etc. While it was a costly affair to check all boxes for a stellar branding experience, social media has made it easier for businesses of all sizes to up their branding and marketing game and bring about an amazing experience for customers.

First Impressions Last

Branding allows you to position yourself as the ideal solution for your customers’ requirements. Making a fantastic first impression is the most important goal, as people make snap judgements within 5-6 seconds of being exposed to any element of your brand, be it logo, social media posts, website etc. Within this short time, they decide if you are authentic, trustworthy, sophisticated, contemporary and have the expertise to service their needs. Hence, incorporating elements that reflect your core values, while projecting you as an authentic brand offering value is essential to build a solid first impression. 

Consistent Exposure

The human mind responds to repetition and retains frequently repeated information, colours, patterns and messaging. Therefore, frequently showing up where your customers are and showcasing what you have to offer is an amazing way to create and spread brand awareness. Consistent exposure to your direct targeted audience not only results in direct conversion, through word of mouth you can also reach the networks of your target audience, thereby skyrocketing your conversion rates through consistent branding efforts. 

Trust Building

If a customer or lead sees your brand’s persona from time to time, while also getting a sneak peek into what you do, how others feel about you, your history with customers, how effective your product is, how safe is their money in your hands etc., their impression of you elevates to the next level. Branding allows you to portray yourself to the wider audience and tell the world exactly who you are. Branding comprises a whole spectrum of interdependent activities that, when done right can bring phenomenal benefits to the business. 

Maintaining a genuine image to your customers is extremely important for them to identify you as one of their own, feel safe around you, find your product or service authentic and feel good about their decision to hire you. 

Social Media: The Virtual Giant

Social media is the singular thing that has brought the whole world under an umbrella. With its all-pervasive omni channel presence and easy access, almost 53% of the world’s population uses social media now. The astounding feature of social media to connect people virtually while being thousands of miles away, without incurring any sort of costs is driving its growth. People from anywhere can access your page, leave feedback, shop from you or give you advice. This opens up an unparalleled opportunities for every individual and business to leverage. 

Catapult Your Brand With Social Media

Social media gives real time tangible benefits to your brand, acting as a true complement to your other marketing campaigns. By taking your brand closer to your customer, you are subconsciously creating brand familiarity, giving a space for your customers to explore their interest in you, find social proof and invest in your product or service. Here are a few other benefits of social media when used for branding. 

Massive Exposure

Anyone in the world with the right keywords and hashtags can access your page, product and content. Half the world’s population can find your product or service from even the farthest corner of the world. The number of leads you can get and convert is beyond counting. It’s up to you to reach the most coveted customers, positively influence them, show them who you are and win their confidence, amidst competition. By utilising social media trends to your advantage, you can gain massive exposure to your business. If you engage correctly, the social media algorithm displays your content to the networks of your direct users, thereby promoting your page exponentially. 

Enhance Traffic

Showcasing the right content at the right time, using the right tools can be a game changer for your business. Combining contemporary visuals, engaging content with the right value positioning and publishing at the right time can get solid traffic to your social media posts. Linking your website to your posts and profiles acts in your advantage. 

When a potential customer is lured by your post, or video, they naturally tend to check your profile. To get more insights into what you do and who you are, they look for your website. When a customer navigates from social media to your website, they expect to see all the information they need. A properly designed website with aesthetic design, succinct content and a natural layout boosts the brand confidence. Social media posts that appear on your leads’ feeds are like pamphlets being delivered to their doorstep – they spark curiosity, and when done right can get your contact phone ringing like crazy.

Get Real Time Insights

Marketing is one field where calculating return on investment cannot be made accurately. But, thanks to social media, you can now stay updated on what your customers are looking for, searches indirectly related to your brand and stay upwind of their activity. You can use the insights and predictions offered by social media platforms to your benefit, incorporate hashtags, keywords, audio and other features trending on social media to create your content and witness a spike in your reach. You can always monitor your activity and take stock of what goes right and amplify it. If something is not working out for your social media handle, you can immediately do away with it. This is possible in the social media era, where running campaigns are not expensive and you can afford to tweak your strategy and plan of action without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Nurture Loyalty

If users find your content highly useful, engaging, irresistible and valuable, they will visit your page, seek you out, engage with you and do a huge favour of sharing your content with others in their circles. How do you reward these brand ambassadors? You create more valuable content they enjoy, so that you are relevant to their lives and actively solve a problem they face. Once the users find you reliable, they would not hesitate to part with some of their money to gain more value from you. By constantly nurturing your customers long even after they’ve become your ardent followers, you earn loyalty. This value addition can be done at low costs and yet with profound impact through social media. By revealing top tips in your industry, unravelling industry insights and showcasing relatable, high value content in terms of videos, infographics, content and images, you secure the interest of your audience and thereby earn their loyalty over time. 

Be Seen And Found

Got a product that’s exclusive for a particular section of the society? Target your social media posts with appropriate hashtags, keywords and topics that directly addresses their current challenges or eases their lives. By promoting more valuable content, you are likely to reach the users actively looking for it. Once you reach your first set of target audience, engage with them and get them to engage with you, by liking your posts, sharing and

subscribing, the algorithm itself takes your brand to others who may be related to your engaging audience and thereby show your business profile to a widespread audience who may either take interest in your product and directly contact you, or refer you to a friend, or save your content for future reference, or simply like your posts. Either way, you stand to gain. Hence, social media is a huge way to familiarise your audience with your brand. 

Cut Down Costs & Drive Up Sales

Before the advent of social media, it costed a lot of money to market your brand, without any guarantee of success. But, now, you can launch your product or service, promote it and watch it grow organically. If you want your brand to be remembered and actioned upon, you can avail paid or organic advertising that drives traffic to your page. You can pair with influencers and host free webinars that will show how much value you put out to the world and that you care more about your audience than about making money. Significantly lower costs, while boosting conversions is a huge competitive advantage to businesses. 


As more and more businesses are burgeoning every single day, utilise the humongous power of social media to reach audiences across the globe, captivate their interest, project yourself as a trustworthy, genuine brand who cares about customers and offer them a sneak peek into who you are. The core of branding is carried out phenomenally well by social media and it’s imperative that all businesses use it for their own benefit. In order to get the most of social media while also saving time, effort and money, hand over your social media marketing and management to an expert such as DigitalzPro and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds. 


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